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Shaolin Wahnam teaches traditional Shaolin arts for health, vitality and spiritual wellness. I teach Qigong, Kung Fu and meditation.

Kung Fu is taught for attaining a high level in combat efficiency, internal force and spiritual wellness. It is suitable for people aged 15 and up. The benefit of Kung Fu is that it is suitable for both men and women to learn. Women can also attain a high level in internal force training and even overcome so called stronger opponents.

The main aim of Qigong is overcoming illness, attaining peak performance and having an abundance of energy.

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Shaolin Kung Fu
20:00 - 22:00
Burgemeester Fockema Andreaelaan 9
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Southern Shaolin Kung Fu:

The Kung Fu style we learn in Shaolin Wahnam comes from the Southern temple in Fujian at Guangzhou. Shaolin Wahnam is known for its development of internal force, rather than physical force and muscle building. The force derived from Southern Shaolin Kung Fu is both internal and external.


I offer to teach various levels from our Shaolin Wahnam syllabus. These are the basics of Shaolin Kung Fu, including stances, moving in stances, combat sequences of the 16 combat sequences and internal force training.  The basics are actually the most important for improving combat efficiency, form, force and speed.  The Shaolin arts require daily practice and patience in order to develop combat efficiency. 

20:00 - 21:30
Burgemeester Fockema Andreaelaan 9
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Shaolin Cosmos Qigong

Do you want to be energetic and feel in control of your health at all times? Shaolin Cosmos Qigong derives its energy from the Cosmos. It is a non-religious practice for maintaining health and promoting longevity. The secrets of Cosmos Qigong are entering into a qigong state of mind and having a Qi flow.  We teach genuine high level Qigong for overcoming health problems and mental blockages. 



The aims of Qigong are:

  • Overcoming illness, or maintaining good health

  • Giving vitality, not just merely existing

  • Ensuring longevity

  • Attaining peak performance

  • Enhancing mental clarity

  • Contributing to spiritual joys, like being peaceful and happy

If you are interested in accomplishing the main aims described above, Qigong is the perfect daily practice for you or your loved ones. 


Shaolin Kung Fu
Monthly Price Every Saturday
100 Euros
9 Lessons
300 Euros