I Love Running – Hardlopen in jouw wijk

Over I Love Running – Hardlopen in jouw wijk

Do you want to improve your physical conditions or keep it at the same level? Running is definitely a right choice!
With us you will do it in a proper way. Our trainings are based on two main pillars: technique of Natural Running and heart rate zones.
According to Harvard University Research, Natural Running is the most effective and safe running technique. You will learn the correct body positioning, right pace and a proper landing.
Running on your “target heart rate zone” is what allows you to progress, protect your heart and enjoy the pleasure of running.
We give trainings in/from different parks in Utrecht:
– Wilhelminapark
– Park Oog in Al
– Griftpark
– Beatrixpark
All levels are welcome.
Trainings can be hold either in English or Dutch.
So, join us and learn how to run injury-free and efficiently long distances (i.a. World Marathon Majors, IAAF Gold Label Road Races). Together with our partners we provide you a full support from A to Z.
For your inspiration you can check our running calendar for 2019.
For more information you can check our website.


  • Hardlopen
  • Bootcamp


Running clinic
4 weeks (once a week)
35,00 EUR
Running course (10 or 21 km)
7 weeks (twice a week)
169,00 EUR
Running course (42 km)
6 months (twice a week)
480,00 EUR


Hardlopen x Running
from 1 till 6 months

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